I have been called to working with spirit since childhood, it just took me some time to realize my calling to be a healer. Granted, there were many signs. But like most people, I chose to ignore them over and over again. I have always felt everything emotionally, right down to my core, but didn’t understand why. Most importantly, I always knew in my heart that there was real magic in the world. I just needed to find a way to prove it.

At the age of thirteen, my abilities to work with non-ordinary reality came with a sudden and vigorous rush, after years of subtle awareness of the supernatural since I was about seven. I was consumed with a yearning to gain as much knowledge as I could through self discovery, because I hadn't grown up alongside anyone I felt I could talk to about what I was experiencing. I didn't live in an environment where new age thought was accessible to me, and this was unfortunately for me, before access to the internet.

I was able to feel and channel energy as a teen, but I wasn't educated on any of it, and sadly since dark energy was the norm for TV, film and storytelling-- I thought it was one in the same and became afraid of what was in actuality, a divine gift. Experiencing my mediumship abilities with only a few close teenage friends, there were many times when I was really confused, and felt alone. It became exhausting because it was consuming more than half of my time between family, friends and school. Once I turned 18 and graduated high school, I decided to leave the spirit world behind and "be a normal girl." It was just too difficult having to figure it out alone and I was tired of it feeling like a heavy, shameful secret.

Spirit would come calling every now and then, and I would get back into it for a short time, working with tarot cards, channeling and gaining some new experience, but I would force myself to escape it again, so I could continue to live “normally.” It wasn't until I was in my thirties, living as a happy, successful mother, wife, and owner of a talent public relations agency, that I started to find resources to help me understand the concept of controlling this energy. I started to explore the law of attraction, the power of love and gratitude, and how you could manifest the life you desire. Following Wayne Dyer's teachings, studying crystal healing, and my trips to Hawaii opened my eyes to a world I never realized existed. I had been blinded by the rat race and pushing away my gifts in order to be normal and above all, successful in business. Little did I know then, that I could use these gifts to become even more successful with anything I did in life, especially business!

Eventually, I reached a satisfactory point of success in my career, and my eyes started to open wider. I had clients who were breakout names in Hollywood, winning awards and rising to super-stardom, and I realized it was my intuitive abilities that helped me get them there… but instead of feeling fulfilled and elated, I soon began to see that life was more than just money and success. I started to see that the value I had on my career was meaningless without spirit.

Fast forward several months later, and I started a new PR company. I let go of a number responsibilities at my talent agency, in order to start creating the life I wanted. I dreamed of a life where I would have much more time for myself. I began to develop a self-care routine, and trained not to feel guilty for making time to heal myself. I finally had understood why people would say, "you cannot help anyone else if your own cup is not full." This cup is to be filled with self-love and self care. I finally started to shape the future I wanted, and I began manifesting what I wanted for my life. 

Not everything works out the way you plan it, however. As great as I had done in making strides in the right direction, I fell back into my old workaholic ways. As spirit would have it, I was no longer able to ignore my calling. After some time passed, falling back into my career, (granted I was far better than I had been once before, yet still nowhere near where my life path was meant to take me), I was thrown into the hardest years of my adult life. I went through a traumatic experience with multiple suicidal friends and family members suffering from severe depression. For a while, I had to balance work and take care of my loved ones around the clock. Knowing that I could not help my loved ones unless my cup was full, I found solace in meditation. Learning proper meditation techniques not only got me through some of the worst times of my life, but led me back to spirit fully. In a self-discovery workshop meditation, I was told to become a shaman. What's funny is I didn’t even know what a shaman really was and had to look it up and research it afterwards. How was I supposed to do that? Where would I find a teacher? Little did I know I would have a special lady fall right into my lap when the time was right, and I was ready.

Spirit supported my journey and effortlessly led me to find some of the most incredible spiritual teachers and mentors. From some of the world's leading mediums, energy workers, shamans, and psychics, to holistic doctors and esoteric and spiritual philosophers, extraordinary people have come to my aid, teaching me valuable life lessons, history and healing practices. I dedicated all my free time to studying and experiencing everything spiritual that I could get my hands on. I became a Reiki Master (and realized I didn’t even need an attunement because I had done this work in a past life and I already was naturally able), and took courses in numerology, advanced tarot reading, advanced psychic mediumship and most importantly, trained in Peruvian shamanism (PMT: Pachacuti Mesa Tradition).

I have now studied various forms of meditation, Reiki and crystal healing, powerful distance energy work, psychic mediumship and shamanic healing. I am finalizing my work as a certified holistic life coach at the Radiant Health Institute, but I believe all my work will be a life-long learning experience. There is so much to learn within different cultures and healing modalities. Energy is complex. Being a spiritual seeker, I am eager to experience as much of it as possible, and take what I learn, able to apply it to those in need of support.

As a wife, mother, successful CEO, and woman who has experienced healing various traumas, I’m passionate to help others find success, joy, and healing in their lives. I aim to provide a safe and sacred space for those who need life coaching and healing, and offer guidance to those who need help finding their way through any of life's stages. My goal is to be a source of pure light in what may appear as a darker world.

Sending you love,



“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt