Last names have been omitted for the client’s privacy.

“What an amazing healing experience! This was my first healing session and I had no idea what to expect. From the moment Mona opened her door and I stepped into her sacred healing space, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love, warmth, security, and positive energy surrounding me. My session was powerful but yet a gentle healing experience that was long overdue for my mind, body, and spirit. I feel blessed to have found Mona, she is authentic, gifted, and an intuitive healer. Looking forward to future sessions.
Thank you, love and blessings always.”

-Rina, California

Working with Mona was the first time I ever felt the sensation of energy shifting within my body. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable right away even though energy work is new to me. I was definitely what I would call a ‘cautiously optimistic’ skeptic to the spiritual world, but I left just the first session feeling less anxious and calmer. It was a wonderful experience.
I would highly recommend working with Mona if you are looking to not only feel better, but also to gain knowledge and insight into the spiritual world.”

-Alyssa, New York

“I see Mona for both mediumship and distance healing work. Mona’s gift for mediumship comes unmatched. She has the gift to effortlessly connect to not only our loved ones but to the spirit team guiding and protecting us. In my case she was able to connect with my grandfather and provide concrete proof by not only clearly describing his appearances but the businesses he owned over 18 years ago. The message she provided from him was a message that reignited my beliefs. Beyond that, Mona has become my go to for tarot readings. She has the amazing gift of tapping into the energy around you and explaining with clarity what the cards are saying. She is a must!

Now about her Distance Healing work. If you’d told me two years ago that I would trust someone on the other side of the country to help me heal I would have laughed in your face. Mona has transformed the way I think about healing on a completely energetic level. Her distance meditations have cleared major blockage for me and her guidance has allowed me to be able to heal myself! She provides clear visuals on problem areas with simple instructions on how to make a change.”

-Leigh, Connecticut

“I’ve only known Mona for a short while, but she has made her way into my heart and my life. She’s not just very intuitive and knowledgeable but she is so caring, loving, fun and present. I look forward to having more sessions and been transformed with her as my healer, mentor and guide.”

-Anali, California

“I have worked with Mona several times so far to do energy work. Her presence is very calming and comfortable and allowed for me to access places energetically that I had never been able to access before. After working with her, I achieved a sense of lightness, of peace, and a deeper understanding of how energy flows through my body and also where it sometimes get stuck. It’s also important to note that she practices with the utmost integrity and ethics, and that she would never divulge information if it was not approved by your spirit guides and in your best interest. I will continue to work with Mona for all things energy and healing related as I progress on my personal journey of wellness and mindfulness.”

-Kat, Calfornia

“I went into my first healing session with Mona not knowing what to expect. I'm new to energy work. Mona is so kind, sets a really comfortable environment and explained all that she was doing throughout the session. This allowed me to relax easily and have a transformative experience! I can't recommend her enough. She's got an incredible gift!”

-Karen California

Mona’s intuitive gifts and healing sessions have helped me clear out old energy, rebalance my chakras, move past mental blockages, and live a more conscious and whole-hearted life. The special insights that she has shared with me have led to a deeper understanding along with feelings of peace. Mona’s innante healing energy comes through in her practices, and I’m so grateful for all of the “aha” moments that she has guided me towards.

-Noelle, California

“Mona made me feel so at ease and the chakra balancing felt so good. She was able to help me make some physical and emotional connections that were powerful.”

-Casey, California