Given that I do this work on the side as a passion to my PR work, I can only take clients who come from personal referrals as I do not have enough time slots available. If you are in need of healing however, feel free to message me and I will do my best to help find you the help you need. Do not hesitate to reach out, I want you to find what works for you, and I care!

Should you schedule an appointment with me, please allot two hours for our initial session. This will give us ample time to go over your needs, for you to tell me a bit about your goals and any possible concerns. Future sessions will range from 30-90 minutes depending on a client’s needs at the time. The session fees are based off of an hourly fee structure. 30 minute sessions are for distance healing only. Mediumship and psychic reading sessions are one hour slots.


For my coaching clients and clients who wish to do ongoing energy healing work, I offer a monthly retainer option, as well as discounts if you purchase five sessions in advance. Please contact me to discuss what may work best for your specific situation.


I offer distance sessions for both my coaching and energy healing work. We can do almost anything by phone or video conference on Zoom if you’re more comfortable working with me from your own space, or if you are wishing to work with me outside of my local area. Distance does not affect energy and you can receive a similar outcome. For those who are traveling and need help while away, this is a terrific option.

Please contact me to discuss the best plan of action for you. I do charge less for remote sessions and they are 60 minutes each, after the initial two hour on-boarding session.

The real meditation is how you live your life.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn